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Top priorities for 2016-2020

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1. Preserve thePO reliability of services
Akton provides the arranged level of service reliability on the market and is rewarded by high customers loyalty.


2. Customer-oriented

Akton is flexible in meeting customer needs and providing tailor-made services.

3. Competitive offer
Our mastery of both traditional and the latest telecommunication technologies, our own network, our own licences and local presence allow us to prepare offers with the best possible price-performance ratio.

4. A one-stop shop

Our excellent insight into the local situation, our own network and our own licences provide our customers with a one-stop shop for a range of services everywhere in the region.

5. Increase synergies between subsidiaries
Define and develop common business processes and establish standardised communication channels for all the companies in the Akton Group.

6. Increase the ability to implement
Develop sales and technical competences to the highest level and establish knowledge transfer across the region.


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F: + 386 1 2362 920