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Our vision

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7. Ensure financial stability

Achieve the planned revenue growth targets in all countries, while keeping costs within the budget.

Akton provides direct international termination of mobile and landline networks in the Adriatic Region: in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

We provide IPLC (International Private Leased Circuits) to any of our PoP (Points of Presence) in the Adriatic network or directly to any of your customers in the region.

To become the preferred telecommunication services partner!

Our mission

Connecting the region with the rest of the world.

Our values

Trust and integrity. Regardless of everything, we always act in accordance with our basic ethical values and principles.

Quality commitment.
We deliver high quality and continually raise the quality standards.

Result-oriented approach.
We strive to achieve positive and concrete results and are always searching for ways to improve the long-term results.

We are continually active and are still able to find additional energy to achieve the biggest goals.

T: + 386 1 2362 900
F: + 386 1 2362 920