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Akton are an international operator with local and international connections. We are using advanced messaging infrastructure and providing Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging services with high quality service over direct connection in the region and high quality connection over trusted partner for all destination on the world. With low latency and high delivery our SMS services is the most reliable way to reach users around the globe.

We prefer two types of connections to our SMS gateway. Either by SMPP or by an HTTP, both being tested well are user friendly and easy to manage. All features (Alpha-numeric SID, long number and short number) are supported by our modern technology and latest SMS software and hardware platform. This allows our Network Operating Centre to monitor in the real time all quality parameters and solved potentially problems rapidly and efficiently.

Akton offer you different type of SMS product like Premium SMS, High Quality SMS, Wholesale SMS, SS7 SMS product.

Enterprise Messaging Service

The Enterprise Messaging Service is part of Akton A2P service. If you are interested in sending Bulk SMS messages, notifications, we can offer you professional platform between you and the mobile network operator, helping you avoid the complexities that could arise when using this type of service.

Akton is able to deliver your messages at cost efficient prices to all destinations with no limitation for minimum monthly volume commitments. With access to reporting and monitoring tools we give you possibility to track sent SMS and analyse their outcome.

We offer you 2 means of sending your messages:

  • Using HTTP settings that can be integrated with your application, website or system.

  • Using a online web application that enables you to send SMS campaigns by simply importing your contacts from an excel sheet.


T: + 386 1 2362 900
F: + 386 1 2362 920